Mainland reporter's street visit Dame's ' Talk about Ma Yun's unmanned supermarket '

Reporter: Ma yun launched the unmanned supermarket, what do you think? Dame: So what?There's no one in the supermarket, so why not close the door? Reporter: Dame, the unmanned supermarket is not no one meant that, but said that there is no salesperson cashier and so on staff in the supermarket. Dame: That should be called no staff supermarket Ah!Hey, as far as your language level is, what about being a journalist? Reporter: Yes, dame is right, should be called no employee supermarket.Ma ' am, what do you think of this new type of supermarket? Dame: Supermarkets don't need to raise staff. Is that something cheaper? Interviewer: This?We haven't learned about it for the time being. Dame: Look how you journalists did it.The common people are most concerned about the problem, you do not understand, all day will only care about Ma Yun and what thing.What are the most concerned about our common people?Whether there is a fake, is not cheaper!Is there any staff in the supermarket, what's the matter with me? Interviewer: Don't you think the launch of the unmanned supermarket will change our traditional way of shopping? Dame: What's changed?It doesn't cost money to buy anything?Brush Alipay That's also spending money! Reporter: Ma ' am, it seems that you still can not understand the trend of the development of the Times. Dame: Yo, is it the trend of the times to get a supermarket without employees?What's the ability to get some stuff that specializes in cutting the bottom employees every day?Got a knack for getting a supermarket without a boss?Why don't you get a government without a civil servant? Reporter: Ma ' am, do you have a problem with Ma Yun? Dame: I do not have a problem with Ma Yun, is to you this kind of boring reporter has the opinion, asks the question never asks to the point.Ma Yun has changed our lives, but we want not just change, but changes that bring about happiness.Now a lot of changes not only do not add to our happiness, but also add a lot of trouble!That's what you journalists should be concerned about. Reporter: (halo)

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