Wu Ping's room, set of rooms, how big is the size of indoor space?(Air purifiers basic ping)

Today's everyday problems is "five-floor room, set of rooms, how big is the size of indoor space?"In rented house next to the school, for example, generally starting Suite usually starts at the Wu Ping (one ping is the toilet, bathroom), but how much a five-floor room in the end? For space that few actual impression is a very important issue."Honeywell", for example Labs a while back plans to buy air purifiers, as model 18005 (reference) the basic ping for 5 ping application (known as may to 10 ping), before buying you have to calculate whether the size of the room, otherwise too much space will allow effective purification of the air purifiers air. Purely from a digital perspective, one ping is equal to 3.305785 square meters of land; ping equals 16, 5.5289m2, equivalent to the length and width of 4.06557 meters of flat land. If they happened no tape measure in hand, you can use your imagination and to estimate 5 square meters space, is the bedroom, then you can put a double bed, a wide version of computer tables, a chest of drawers and wardrobe, a small refrigerator, coupled with a set of sofa and low coffee table can provide a very comfortable single life.School students-Suite near roughly similar patterns, but the suite also needs a square feet of space for remodeling bathrooms, so the actual size will be smaller.

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