How can I escape when I meet a wild boar in the wilderness?


Often in the wilderness, there is always the opportunity to encounter some wild animals. If it is a hare or a wild deer, it will naturally add fun, but if you encounter a wild bear or a wild boar, you are in a dangerous environment. Therefore, I often see people asking, how can I escape if I meet a wild boar in the wilderness?

In fact, most wild animals other than humans (excluding hippos, which are crazy for their lives), have certain behavior patterns. Take wild boars as an example. If they meet in the wild, what can humans do to prevent wild boars from attacking?

Let me talk about the important point first. When you see wild animals, you absolutely, absolutely, and absolutely cannot turn around and run away. Unless you are a Super Marathoner.

The safest way is to look directly at the wild boar and slowly back away while watching the wild boar. When you get more distance, pick up an umbrella, backpack or take off your coat, raise your hands up to pose for yourself, let the wild boar feel that you are not only afraid of it, but even fatter than it (physical), as long as it is not abnormal at this time (For example, if you were injured by a hunter), most wild boars will no longer attack you.

The most important thing is to remind everyone that when you see a wild boar cub, you should talk about how cute you are, and then you want to touch the cub, otherwise you just wait to scream and escape!

Of course, if you happen to be hungry and have the confidence to kill the wild boar, you can take the initiative to attack, and you can also get a whole pork for dinner.

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