How much capacity are there for Small, Large and Extra Large Coffee cups in Family Lets Cafe convenience stores?

cafe panda printed paper coffee cup table

Today’s coffee issue is “How much c.c. each of the large and medium cups of Family Lets Cafe coffee cups?” When you bring your own Coffee cup to buy coffee, remember to bring the environmentally-friendly coffee cup with the correct capacity!

Family Lets Cafe Convenience store coffee cups have 8oz, 12oz and 16oz capacities from Small (S), large (L) to Extra large cup (XL) size.

Since the capacity of each ounce (symbol: oz) can be converted to 29.57 c.c., the coffee capacity of Family Lets Cafe is 240c.c., 360c.c. and 480c.c.

In addition, the specification of the ice coffee drink series is L, which is 12oz (360c.c.).

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