How much capacity are there for Small, Large and Extra Large Coffee cups in Seven Eleven 7-11 City Cafe convenience stores?

7-11 統一超商 Seven Eleven

Today’s coffee issue is “How much c.c. each of the large and medium cups of Seven Eleven 7-11 City Cafe coffee cups?” When you bring your own Coffee cup to buy coffee, remember to bring the environmentally-friendly coffee cup with the correct capacity!

Seven Eleven (7-11, 7-Eleven) City Cafe Convenience store coffee cups have 8oz, 12oz and 16oz capacities from Small (S), large (L) to Extra large cup (XL) size.

Since the capacity of each ounce (symbol: oz) can be converted to 29.57 c.c., the coffee capacity of Family Lets Cafe is 240c.c., 360c.c. and 480c.c.

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