How much is the bath water temperature (winter, summer) to be the healthiest?

woman lying on bathtub

A question related to body cleanliness and health is about “How much temperature is the bath water temperature (in winter, summer) adjusted to the healthiest?”

Although there are various bathing preferences in the world, for example, some people like to constantly change between cold and hot baths and enjoy the ultimate experience of ice and fire, but some people prefer to only take cold baths, thinking that it can stimulate metabolism, and some hot baths. Sometimes I like to burn myself to red. There are even hot springs with various temperatures as a call to attract all kinds of travelers.

But in fact, the safest bath water temperature should be the temperature close to the body temperature of the human body.

Having said that, the human body temperature is between 36 degrees and 37 degrees, but when adjusting the temperature of the water heater, the author recommends to adjust it to 39 degrees, because the process from the water heater to the shower nozzle, and even the shower will reduce the temperature. Therefore, when the water temperature of 39 degrees comes into contact with the human body, it has actually fallen to a suitable temperature.

In addition, if it is a severe winter when the cold current comes, you can adjust it by two to three degrees higher, and if it is summer, you can adjust it by three to five degrees. In this way, you can enjoy the fun of bathing easily and without burden, and also maintain the blood in the body.

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