What is the penalty and the amount of fine for unlicensed driving of an adult or underage under the age of 18?

The question of road traffic @issue today is about “the penalties and the amount of fines for unlicensed driving of adults or minors under the age of 18”.」

According to article 21st, item 1th, of the regulations on Road Traffic management Penalties of the Republic of China, motorists who are in one of the following circumstances are required to impose a penalty of absentia of NT $6,000 or 10,002 under 000 yuan and to prohibit them from driving on the spot:

  • Driving a small car or machine bike without a driving licence, the same is the same for those who have their driver’s license revoked.
  • A teenager or a young girl under the age of 18 who violates the requirements of “driving a small car or locomotive without a driving licence” or “driving a small car or locomotive with a forged, altered or blindfolded driving licence”, a car driver and his legal representative or guardian shall also apply road traffic safety workshops.

In addition, the Road Traffic Management Penalties Ordinance 21st 1, item 1th, provides that motorists driving connecting cars, buses and lorries, in violation of the requirements of “driving without a driver’s license”, the owner of the car and the driver of NT $40,000 or more under 80,000 yuan are punished absentia and are prohibited from driving on the spot.

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