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How much should the gift of gifts to journalists not cost more than?


Today, the ethical @issue of journalism is about "how much should the value of giving gifts to journalists today, securities and gifts not exceed?"」

According to the "Central Society" of the state news agency established by the Kuomintang of China on April 1, 1924 in Guangzhou, it is made clear in its code of ethics for journalism that journalists are not allowed to receive cash and securities.

It should be noted, however, that in legal terms "no" refers to "may not", rather than "should not be (Shall not)" is mandatory, so there is still room for interpretation in practical operations.

In addition, the Central society in the Code of ethics for the gift part is also stated, although journalists can receive gifts, but need to worry about whether to cause conflicts of interest, and more than NT $2000 gifts should be returned.If you are unable to return immediately due to human feelings or obstacles to the identity of the other party, you may return it to the company and report it to the supervisor, or leave it to the company's personnel and administrative room for processing.

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