At home found that the rats ' droppings (feces feces), it should be how to clean and disinfect?

As a result of the occasional hearing in recent years of rat infection with the Chinese fever virus to human news [i], how to prevent, catch mice [II] and how to clean and disinfect the environmental pollution caused by rats is the basic common sense that you and I must know. If the rodent excreta (also known as the discharge, stool) is found at home, whether fresh or dry or not, it is best to wear a mask, rubber gloves, and open doors and windows to maintain ventilation, try not to directly contact or inhale the dust raised by the weathering of mouse excreta. Then use diluted bleach [III] (ratio: 100cc market bleach to add 1 litres of water) to sprinkle in a potentially contaminated environment, wait 30 minutes for bleach to disinfect and sterilize, and then use cleaning tools (such as brooms, mop) to clean up.If it is a small range of pollution, we suggest you can use toilet paper, old clothes or unserviceability of rags and waste cloth, directly after a clear away, avoiding secondary pollution of household cleaning tool. Egestion of cleared away debris, should be put in the trash bag (if the city and County Government planning) and into a garbage truck carried to landfills or incinerators for incineration.

  1. Hantavirus in the South confirmed a new CDC urged to strengthen prevention new year cleaning rodent-infested.
  2. Spring is coming, and the new year "rat war" are you ready? (Sticky mouse pad, mouse cage, rat poison use analysis)
  3. Product reference: American CLOROX Bleach.

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