How can licensed abandoned vehicles be stopped by the roadside?What will the police do with it?Drag the crane?Scrap?

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Today's question about the @issue of cars and locomotives is about "how can a licensed abandoned vehicle, which is common in the roadside and free parking, be reported?"What will the police do with it?Drag the crane?Scrap?」

According to section 2nd of the "Benchmarks for the identification of abandoned vehicles and the handling of inspection reports", any person occupying a road vehicle shall be deemed to be an abandoned vehicle in one of the following circumstances:

  • A vehicle abandoned in writing by the owner or his agent.
  • The vehicle body is dirty, corroded, damaged, the appearance of the obvious loss of original utility vehicles.
  • The accident car and the disintegrating vehicle that lost the original utility.
  • Other vehicles that meet the basis of the announcement of the relevant authorities by the Central Environmental Protection Authority.

Suspected licensed abandoned vehicles on long-term parking roads can be reported to the district branches of the police station or through the "1999 Civic hotline in the cities.

Upon receipt of the notification, the police will send a member to clear the owner of the standard inspection report according to the preceding paragraph to clean up, if the owner has not dealt with it more than 7th, the EPA will be informed to remove the towing to the towing vault waiting for the owner to collect it.

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