How do I lose my old clothes?Can I recycle resources?

Old clothing refers to clothes and trousers that can still be used after simple cleaning and finishing.

However, commonly known as recyclable old clothing, does not contain quilts, pillows, sheets, bedspread, hats, underwear, shoes, socks, curtains, tables (baths, hairs) towels, aprons, carpets, pedals, cushions, belts, belts, bags, gloves fluffy toys, puppets and so on.

If you have any old underwear in your home, you can recycle it from the "Resource recovery vehicle" of the district cleaning team, the adjacent "Golden Collection point" or the old clothes collection and reuse facility approved by the Government (such as the old suitcase on the common roadside), or you can auction it through the flea market or the second-hand auction website on your own.

It should be noted, however, that many of the old clothes recycling bins are privately designed and that if the old underwear is placed in these private facilities for recycling, it is likely that they will be taken to a vegetable market or network for resale after cleaning, rather than being able to achieve the purpose of public welfare.Therefore, we suggest that if there is no old clothing in the home, it is best to leave the cleaning team's resource recovery car unified treatment of the best!

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