What should I pay attention to when travelling by air with an instrument?


The question @issue travel abroad today is about what to watch out for when travelling with an airline on an air jet.

Many musicians may encounter the opportunity to carry equipment to fly abroad, in addition to the music equipment that can be checked in, in fact, in order to protect the musical instruments, the most people choose to carry instruments together with the boarding.

In the case of China Airlines, the size of any hand-held instrument (including a musical instrument box) needs to conform to the length and width of the 100cmx36cmx23cm, and the weight must not exceed 7 kg.As long as these conditions are met, small instruments can be treated as hand-held baggage and brought directly to the aircraft.

However, if it is a bass, cello, which simulates a larger instrument, it is necessary to purchase an additional ticket (without another free baggage allowance) to be processed in cabin placeholder baggage because it cannot be placed under the seat or in the upper locker.

Finally, we would like to recommend that the use of hand-held luggage to carry musical instruments on board, although you can reduce many unexpected conditions, but still carefully and properly packed!And during the delivery, due to the dramatic changes in physical phenomena such as air pressure, temperature and thermal expansion and contraction, it is recommended that you relax the strings before you travel, if you are ready to carry a string instrument.

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