Have you been cheated today?Scam group's usual technique list hot out!

The Criminal Police Department recently published a statistical report, in response to the occurrence of (105) years of fraud cases, found that the people most often suffer from the fraud of the top three in order: “Fake friends and relatives in the name”, “ATM to lift the installment setting” and “fake online shooting.”

Fraud tactics first place “fake friends and relatives in name”

This is the main approach of the scam group in recent years, gangsters steal people line, Facebook and other accounts, impersonating himself to the list of friends to send a message, ask friends and relatives for money relief, or random gun shooting, ask each other “Guess Who I am?””When the victim says 1 names, he will impersonate his people and borrow money from the victims.” Police said it was ” Fake relatives and friends in the name of “Although is old terrier, the number of cheated from the 3rd place in 104 years rose to the 1th place last year, the police particularly remind the public, when receiving friends and relatives to borrow money, must be in person or telephone confirmation of identity, if received friends and relatives with strange number calls to borrow money, but also with the old contact way to Line, email mailbox, Facebook and other account data, so as to avoid account theft, harm friends and relatives into a scam trap.

“ATM relieves installment setting” ranked second

As a result of the rise of online shopping, people go online to buy things, send meals, booking and other life patterns have become the norm, but some sites do not have good security measures, by hackers to steal people’s capital and transaction data, and then tamper with the call number, impersonate customer service and bank personnel falsely claim that the transaction was mistakenly set as a continuous deduction, The people are required to operate atm”to lift the installment setting”, the opportunity to cheat money to succeed, but in fact ATM can only “withdraw” and “remittance”, does not have the function of lifting settings, identity verification and so on.

Third place, “fake racquet.”

Fraud Group to see the people want to pick up a cheap mentality, in the auction site or Facebook community to launch less than the market price of goods, such as buyers after ordering remittances to sever contact.Police advise people to choose a web-shooting platform with a secure trading mechanism, avoid private transactions, and keep all transactions and talk data in case of a dispute. There have also been recent one-page shopping sites that use Facebook Ads to promote specific items, most of which use long single pages to promote products and leave only buyer data and cash on delivery.These site sellers can not track the source, often from mainland China taobao with cheap prices, and then through the way of large-style advertising with high prices to sell to the public, advised people to pay more attention, do not leave data in such unknown sites and buy goods. The criminal Police Department warned the public that although there are many technology fraud tricks, but “thousands of deception, can not be separated from the atm”, but also for the ” Cash on delivery “shopping style to pay more attention to, gangsters mostly use the people’s lack of verification and greedy cheap mentality, the people in the enjoyment of online transactions and intelligent mobile phone to bring convenience, but also to strengthen their own sense of fraud prevention, the use of ATM transactions before the need to reconfirm the identity of the other party, as well Help.

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