Swine Fever epidemic prevention customs clearance strict check, dry flowers, tea, dry flower tea can bring into the country?


Today's travel @issue issue is about "swine fever outbreak epidemic prevention Customs clearance strict inspection, overseas drying flowers, tea, processing chrysanthemum tea can be carried into the country?"」

According to the provisions of China's animal and plant epidemic prevention, if you are carrying dry flowers from abroad to enter the country, you need to declare quarantine when passing the quarantine channel, but do not attach the inspection certificate.If you are carrying tea from abroad to enter the country, you do not need to declare quarantine to the customs.

As for the flower Tea series between dry flowers and tea, such as dry chrysanthemum, dry lavender can bubble flower tea and other products, it is compared to the provisions of tea, in passing through the customs quarantine channel, do not have to file a declaration to the quarantine unit.

Official website: Customs Service of the Ministry of Finance.



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