How much is the cross-strait swimming distance of the Sun Moon Lake?

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The @issue question in today's swimming competition is about "how much is the cross-strait swimming distance of the swimming Sun Moon Lake?"」

Taiwan's most famous long-distance swimming activities "swimming sun Moon Lake" is one of the highlights of swimmers at home and abroad every year.

Located in the Central Taiwan Nantou Sun Moon Lake, the lake elevation of 736 meters, the normal area of 7.93 square kilometers, the maximum water depth of 27 meters, east and west shore the widest distance of 4.3 kilometers, the north and south coast of the longest distance of 4.45 kilometers, the total length of the ring Lake Highway 33 kilometers.

Although the Sun Moon Lake is very large, but the general swimming Sun Moon Lake activity rules will be set to swimming distance of 3000 meters, is a long swimming physical activity.The city's common indoor swimming pool standard Lane is 25 meters, equal to the need to swim 50 times.So before you are ready to take part in the swimming Sun Moon Lake activities, please be sure to go to the swimming pool to train your long swimming ability Oh!

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