Tesla (Tesla) components/Taiwan supply chain vendors

Tesla (Tesla) supply chain components/Taiwan listed below, from the power control, motor rotor to Taiwan information system consisting of built-in components.

Tesla (Tesla) power management

  • Wei: power control system.
  • Delta: the power supply components.
  • Jian XING: charged shot.
  • UT: power cable harness.
  • Dimension fit: power the system power cord.

Tesla (Tesla), body control and built-in applications

  • Xiang instrument: electric door.
  • Seitoku: more than 40 kinds of fasteners (screws, screw).
  • And: gear guns.
  • Toda, and dareglobal: motor stator and rotor.
  • Yi Jia: mechanical components.
  • Chen Hong, group: 17-inch touch panel.

Data source: Bureau of Economic Affairs industrial (2017).

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