Why is the hospital a consortium without paying taxes?The consortium will be unrighteous!

With Evergreen hospital popping up the conflict between emergency physicians and the hospital, some people began to want to review "Why is the hospital a consortium without paying taxes?""This topic.Because this involves the public welfare of the Consortium and accounting law and other issues, I do not know very well, but I do not intend to talked, but I am equally puzzled, why some people do not know more than I, but can firmly point to the consortium nose scolding the base? Because of the lack of an early medical environment, the government has given many concessions (such as exemption from business tax, exemption from land premium tax, duty-free premises for charitable purposes, and more than 60% of the expenditure ratio of medical social services to the establishment of legal persons, the savings of which are exempt from tax, etc.) to enable the consortium to invest funds in the construction To maintain the medical health of the people in all regions. But don't forget that hospitals themselves have pro bono values (such as being under government command or having a responsibility to save lives in the event of an emergency), and that medical research requires a huge amount of money, and the cost of equipment depreciation is greater than in other industries (I used to help the clinic repair the blood test machine, the cost price of supplies 0.5 yuan, Our company directly quote 10,000 yuan) and other reasons, if you want to talk about why the hospital does not have to pay taxes, first ask us whether we want to charge the country small, the country. Well, but in recent years, in the social atmosphere of Taiwan's anti-consortia, no one is in charge of your past.The consortium will be unrighteous! Of course, the personal income tax of physicians and nurses is currently levied separately on this point, and I have no problem at all!However, this tax should also be included in the hospital tax records in order to reflect the real financial situation, otherwise the results of the operation of the heart can easily be injustice by the medical hospital, for example, several media outlets in the past few days for a certain one or two specific hospitals, accusing them of not having to pay taxes at all, this is a lie. Wait, I heard that the first Massachusetts General Hospital in the United States, Massachusetts, MGH, whose hospital earns more than 3 billion dollars a year (42% of the total cost of employee pay), and the tax-free concessions granted by the government (taxes are mainly generated from non-related businesses).

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