From the historical celebrities of the great Qing Dynasty to think about what is the definition of a successful person?

Today's question contains a very interesting article, the author lists such as the following two Qing Dynasty famous figures list, then then to ask a question, how many people do you know on these two lists? First list: Fu to Chien, Wang Shidan, Bi, Lin Yudang, Wang Yunjin, Liu Zizhong, Chen Yu, Liu Fuyau, Liu Chunlin. Second list: Cao Xueqin, Hu Xueyan, gu Yanwu, Jin Shengtan, Huang Zongxi, Wu Jingzi, Pu songling, Hong Xiuquan, Yuan Shikai. Which of the two lists do you know more people? . . . The answer is revealed: The former are all the imperial examination of the Qing Dynasty, the latter are all at that time fell short Xiucai. What do you see in this question?

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