Help his father transfer mobile phone data, unexpectedly in the photo found to make him heartbroken tears of the truth

A user on YouTube, Butterworks, recently shared a 5-minute short film describing the fact that he accidentally found a heartbreaking cry in many photos as he helped his father transfer data from his old phone. He happened to be free that day, transferring photos and songs from his old phone to his new phone for his father, who had asked him for help for a long time.He opened the data from his father's phone and found some daily photos and videos, but when he opened a photo, he accidentally found out that it was all pictures of his life posted on Facebook!? family father son love 02 He recalled that his father had said he wanted to see more of his life dynamics, and asked him to help apply for a Facebook account, when he only tweeted that he was too busy to help.His father later asked him to teach him how to download Facebook photos to his phone, and he refused because he was busy. Recalling the countless small requests that had been used as an excuse to reject his father in the past, his tears began to spin in his eyes.When we were kids, when we asked our parents for help countless times, they never used to be busy as an excuse or even forget what we needed. Netizens read this film are greatly moved, full of onions let countless netizens tears.Family, is the person we should spend time to accompany and share!

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Have you ever used busyness as an excuse to reject a tiny request from your parents, but it may be their deepest love for you.Share it and let everyone see this moving short film!

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