What accident data can I apply to the police in a traffic accident?

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The problem with traffic @issue today is about "what accident data can the parties apply to the police authorities after a traffic accident on the road?"」

Under article 13th, item 1th, of the Road Traffic accident treatment scheme, a person or interested party in a road traffic accident case (for example, an insurance company responsible for the settlement of a car accident) may apply to the police for access to or provision of relevant information during the following periods:

  1. The scene of the accident has to apply for the "Registration of Parties for road traffic accidents".
  2. After 7th of the accident, you have to apply for a view or provide "site map", "Live Photos".
  3. After 30th of the accident, you have to apply for a "preliminary analysis and analysis form for road traffic accidents".

In addition, parties or stakeholders in traffic accident cases may apply for "site Map", "Live Photos" and "on the" police Department's Global Information Network: Requests for traffic accident data and progress enquiries on bid cases ". Traffic Accident preliminary analysis and Analysis table "and other accident data, and can be designated near the branch or traffic (large) team pickup, online at the same time to provide the application progress query function.

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