What are the precautions to avoid being attacked by hornet?

In the summer and autumn in the suburbs, I often hear about the incidents of hornet swarms attacking people. A question related to: “What are the precautions to avoid being attacked by hornet swarms?”

Whether in the urban area or in the wild, it is possible to encounter a wasp attack. So what can we do to prevent attacks? include:

  1. Do not wear bright clothes or spray perfume when going up the mountain. The smell of spices makes it easy to attract wild bees.
  2. In case of wild bees hovering, move slowly and carefully. In addition to paying attention to whether the number of hornets above your head increases, you must also pay attention to whether there are hidden beehives on the ground to avoid stepping! Do not slap and slap, as this will easily attract swarms of attack.
  3. Don’t stand still in case of bee attack, run and escape [1].
  4. Discards such as sweets, peels, and empty cans will attract wild bees for food.
  5. Wearing long trousers and long sleeves is advisable. Bright clothes can attract wild bees.
  6. Find the hive, approach the danger, leave quietly, don’t stay.
  7. Look for honeycombs or bees around the home.
  8. It is found that the honeycomb cannot be harassed, so you should call 119 for help.

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