What is the game host DLC?(Nintendo Nintendo Switch NS DLC, SONY PS DLC)

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The question of today's TV musical instrument platform is about "what is the game host DLC?"(Nintendo Nintendo Switch NS DLC, SONY PS DLC) "

Recently wanted to relive childhood memories of avoiding her mother playing video games (and then being caught spanking) as a child, looking for several hardware platforms for TV musical instruments, including authentic old Nintendo Nintendo, Sony's PlayStation (PS), and unpopular Microsoft Microsoft XBox and Steam Machine, which is relatively close to foreign bodies.

However, when looking at Nintendo's set, it was found that many people mentioned the network function of Nintendo DLC, and accompanied by the Masters, horror level and other words, let people wonder what this DLC is really used.

The full name of the DLC is downloadable content, the Chinese translation is "downloadable contents (also known as additional downloads)", the nickname between players is a download package, is a form of digital media distribution through the Internet.Its main function is to add additional extensions to video games that have been released independently, resulting in an increase in the game's playable content.

Simply put, for example, Sardar legend: In addition to buying the level route of the Game card box, the game can also download master content through the purchase of DLC, so that the content of the game is more exciting.

But the hard point is that the game company wants you to play a set of games to pay two times, is a need to pay for the purchase of an enhanced version of the upgrade routine.This differentiated design is very attractive to those senior players!

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