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The historical origin of Taiwan's unique weight unit "Taiwan Jin"

The bloody repression adopted by the Japanese Army in the early days and the forced education of the Japanese emperor in the later period caused the local people of Taiwan to be more and more full of Japanese habits after the restoration of the country.Taiwan's traditional market, tea industry is commonly used in the "Taiwan Jin" is from the Japanese militarism after the flow of a paradigm to date.

Doctor of Philosophy's cat Gift

"Cat Gift" is a story that Professor Lin has shared with the hunter and prey of a cat "monster" during his studies abroad on Facebook.

The Chinese struggle for the Nobel Prize

According to Nobel will, throughout the Nobel Prize selection, the awardees were unaffected by any nationality, ethnicity, ideology and religion, and the only criterion for selection was the size of the achievement.

Kaohsiung Big Far Hundred, Sogo department store anniversary, strong play discount suction and buy gas

Kaohsiung Grand far centenary yesterday 25th in the lively drumbeat and the roaring of the crowd opened, for the annual event to celebrate the anniversary of 1.1 billion yuan performance target; Kaohsiung Sogo department Store anniversary will also be on the stage from November 3, the performance target is set at 353 million yuan.