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Worth 8 billion of women’s names, stories about integrity

On the eve of World War II, Germany had a very humble trust company called Babina Trust, dedicated to the custody of valuable property for customers.After the war broke out, people took their belongings away and fled.

Have you been cheated today?Scam group's usual technique list hot out!

The Criminal Police Department recently published a statistical report, in response to the occurrence of (105) years of fraud cases, found that the people most often suffer from the fraud of the top three in order: "Fake friends and relatives in the name", "ATM to lift the installment setting" and "fake online shooting."

Friday the 13th (Friday) what is it?You need to know two Black Friday!

Today is Friday the 13th, commonly known as Black Friday, morning asked the Studio partners who know the origin of the Friday the 13th is Black Friday?Never thought he could say Black Friday commercial marketing practices this eye is a Shopaholic's words!?OMG!Life education just can't wait.

North Kitano: "Poor, not an excuse for your failure" gives you a glimpse of the inner world of Japanese movie Ghosts

North Kitano and Hayao Miyazaki are Japan's quite heavyweight national treasures, but many people can't understand why North Kitano hates Hayao Miyazaki.At the Tokyo International Film Festival in 2014, North Kitano even publicly shelled Gongqi: "I hate animation and I hate Hayao Miyazaki, but his animations make a lot of money."」