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Banana fruit to eat too much influence health?Take 6 bananas can be fatal at a time?

Banana was once Taiwan's rich banana Kingdom in name, is a taste with a delicate fragrance, full of fiber, vitamins and minerals, fine fruit, more is that many athletes in the race for nutritional supplements and heat preference.But bananas and contains a wealth of potassium ions, but it was likely to make the body produces symptoms in severe cases even loss of life.

Why is the hospital a consortium without paying taxes?The consortium will be unrighteous!

With Evergreen hospital popping up the conflict between emergency physicians and the hospital, some people began to want to review "Why is the hospital a consortium without paying taxes?""This topic.Because this involves the public welfare of the Consortium and accounting law and other issues, I do not know very well, but I do not intend to talked, but I am equally puzzled, why some people do not know more than I, but can firmly point to the consortium nose scolding the base?

Fart smell blood?It's true!Hydrogen sulfide composition effects on the human body!Nothing more than smell the farts, fart smell fine.

Did you fart smell today?Scientists study how fart smell is good for your health.Fart contains trace amounts of hydrogen sulfide can bring benefits to the body and activate the cell's mitochondria, help reduce cancer risk, dementia, stroke and other diseases.